Symposium Proceedings


Proceedings of the Black Mountain Symposium 24-25 August 2018

Friends of Black Mountain



  Introduction and acknowledgements, by RW Purdie v-ix
  Biographical notes on authors, speakers, session chairs and walk leaders x-xiii
  Biophysical Papers  
1 Geological evolution and features of the Black Mountain Nature Reserve, Canberra, by D Finlayson. 1-18
2 Landforms and soils of Black Mountain, by D Tongway. 19-28
3 Vegetation types and vegetation dynamics on Black Mountain, by MD Doherty. 29-42
4 Non-vascular flora of Black Mountain: macrofungi, lichens, hornworts, liverworts and mosses, by RW Purdie. 43-72
5 Vascular plants of Black Mountain, 1969–2017, by RW Purdie.
Appendices 3 & 4.
6 Rare plants on Black Mountain Sandstone, by M Mulvaney. 149-160
7 The mammal fauna of Black Mountain, by M Evans. 161-168
8 Birds of Black Mountain, 1964–2016, by P Fennell. 169-196
9 Frogs and reptiles found at Black Mountain: fifty years of records, from museum collections to community-based photo mapping, by W Osborne and AM Hoefer. 197-216
10 Invertebrate animals of Black Mountain, Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory, by K Pullen. 217-238
11 Fire ecology on Black Mountain, by MD Doherty. 239-248
  Cultural Papers  
12 Use of Black Mountain for orienteering and other competitive activities, by D Hogg. 249-252
13 Black Mountain and the Gungahlin Drive Extension, by D Hogg. 253-256
14 Black Mountain plant collections and collectors, 1927-2017, by RW Purdie. 257-272
15 Quick guide to biophysical research on Black Mountain: an overview of literature, by RW Purdie. 273-290
16 Scientific collecting, monitoring and research on Black Mountain, by RW Purdie. 291-316
17 Black Mountain educational, recreational and creative activities, by RW Purdie. 317-342
18 Friends of Black Mountain: golden threads in community awareness, by L Beveridge. 343-378
19 The Canberry Ranges, Black Hill, Black Mountain, ‘the Golden Hill’ and beyond, by M Butz. 379-400
20 Black Mountain as a place of protest: tower, gondola and highway, by J Hotchin. 401-438
21 Quick guide to creative/artistic material about Black Mountain, by J Hotchin. 439-454
22 Management of Black Mountain from 1930 to 2018, by D Shorthouse. 455-464
23 Black Mountain Symposium 2018: synthesis, by S Ryan 465-474
  Index 475-485